We believe in the future where the opportunity to escalate self-potential is not a privilege, but a right we all deserve


Skill Up is a nationwide non-profit organization with a heart that beats for every individual in Indonesia, working tirelessly to unlock the boundless potential that lies within each of us. We believe in a world where everyone has the power to transform their lives through education, growth, and skill development.

Every day, we strive to bridge the gap between dreams and reality, providing training, mentorship, and educational donations to those who thirst for knowledge but lack the means to quench it. We stand by the dreamers, the doers, the fighters, helping them scale the ladder of their aspirations, reaching for the stars.

In our hearts, we carry a vision - a future where the chance to grow, to learn, to excel isnt a privilege reserved for a few, but a universal right. A future where every individual, regardless of their background, has the resources they need to unlock their potential.

Join us in our journey. Together, we can turn the tides, one dream at a time. Because at Skill Up, we believe that everyone deserves not just to dream, but to soar.

Our Programs

Career Learning Platform

Career Learning Platform

Are you ready to elevate your CV with soft skills and certifications? Look no further Skill Up 2024 is here with our upcoming career learning platform, offering a diverse range of courses tailored for your convenience. Now, you can learn and earn certificates anytime, anywhere with just a few clicks on the Skill Up website

Community Project

Community Project

Empower change through #EducationForAll Skill Up is not just a belief; we're a force propelling individuals from diverse backgrounds to collaborate on projects that directly uplift education in Indonesia. Join us as we turn shared aspirations into tangible progress – because together, we shape a brighter future for all.

Seminar and Career Fair

Seminar and Career Fair

Calling all forward-thinking university students eager to explore the future of their careers! Join us at our upcoming seminar and career fair, where you can gain valuable insights and prepare for the industry of tomorrow.


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Our Contribution to Education

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Public Webinars

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Institution Partners

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Our Past Speakers

Image of Falencia Suryanti

Falencia Suryanti

The Most Outstanding Student at UNPAR 2022

Image of Hanun Thalia

Hanun Thalia

Marketing Management Trainee at Nestlé

Image of Frydiva Meshia Sihabudin

Frydiva Meshia Sihabudin

Business Development at B2B SaaS Company

Image of Ilham Subandoro

Ilham Subandoro

Venture Capitalist

Image of Savira Alivia Salsabila

Savira Alivia Salsabila

Production Engineer at PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan

Image of Jonathan Maximillian

Jonathan Maximillian

UFLP Supply Chain at Unilever

Image of Gabriella Caryn

Gabriella Caryn

Project Support at BCG

Image of Muhamdzani Andradio

Muhamdzani Andradio

HR Business Partner Manager at Procter & Gamble

Image of Enike Maria Vianey

Enike Maria Vianey

Product Marketing at PT. Bolde Inovasi Global

Image of Dita Indah Syaharani

Dita Indah Syaharani

Assistant Brand Manager CLEAR at Unilever

Image of Fery Andriawan

Fery Andriawan

Digital Marketing at Jubelio

Image of Nadya Natalia Hendrawan

Nadya Natalia Hendrawan

UFLP Go-to-Market at Unilever

Image of Rifqi Adhyasa

Rifqi Adhyasa

Celebrating Humans at Tamara

Image of Ahmad Fauzan

Ahmad Fauzan

Director of Partnership at IISMA-AC

Image of Alifia Marina Syarfi

Alifia Marina Syarfi

MSc Candidate at The University of Edinburgh



  • Indonesia Millennial Development
  • Integrated Youth Renewable Energy Festival (IYREF)
  • Yayasan Karya Anak Milenial Indonesia (KAMI Foundation)
  • Bloomin Area
  • Meraki Asa

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